Jakarta Academic Hospital

  1. Project description

DHC (Dutch Hospital Consultants) has  the  intention  to  build  an academic teaching hospital in Jakarta. The aim is to provide top level health care for a broad population (including those who are unfortunate) in an acedemic, teaching environment in close cooperation with Indonesian and international universities.

A 400+ bed hospital with full emergency and outpatient facilities will be built. (A level hospital with JCI accreditation) A full rehabilitation center and protected housing plan for elderly will   be incorporated. All medical specialities will be included in the hospital. A special focus will lie on child medical care and oncology. The ambition is to become the best and the most affordable hospital in Indonesia.

During the last 15 years DHC has executed a comprehensive feasibility study on the development of healthcare in Indonesia. A thorough analysis of the health care situation and the opportunities in one of the largest and most rapidly growing economies led to the conclusion that Indonesia is missing an Academic Hospital that is for the people, affordable and up to the standard for international guests and expat’s. The current plan is the result of our former studies.

2.                   Project team

DHC is a collaboration of medical doctors, architects, bankers and economists. We use the concept of network teams, formed and customed to the needs of a particular project. We have been working formerly under the name AOW consultancy in the Netherlands, abroad as DHC and are active since the year 1999.

3.                   Requirements

To achieve our goals we need:

  • A building site that we found in Jakarta close to the university, a purchase option has been agreed
  • An in depth analysis of the health care situation in Indonesia
  • A thorough business plan as has been written by DHC
  • An architectural design, as has been provided by Wieland and partners(attached tot as appendix).
  • A project team that has been carefully selected by DHC for this project.
  • Financial sponsor of the project as we hope to find on the international market.

4.                   Products

The following products will be implemented in the Jakarta Hospital:

  • primary health care
  • preventive health care
  • DHC insurance including expat insurance
  • full academic level health care program
  • training for students and specialists
  • research facilities
  • pharmaceutical care
  • protected living environment

5.                   Parties

Parties involved are:

  • DHC, the Netherlands
  • Wieland and partners IIHC BV. , the Netherlands
  • AOW consultancy BV., the Netherlands
  • Benzipluyk V., the Netherlands
  • George Yap Koi Ming, Australia

6.                   Finances

A total investment from foreign sources of USD 750.000.000,- is currently under negotiation and may be available for the project.

Breakdown : (roughly)

Land purchase                  USD    200.000.000,-
Building cost                      USD    250.000.000,-
Medical equipment        USD     150.000.000,-
DHC                                       USD        50.000.000,-
First year start up           USD      100.000.000,-

Total                                      USD      750.000.000,-

The finances can be provided at once as a total sum of USD 750.000.000,- or in tranches.

The first Tranch will be needed to start up the activities of DHC, the architects, the marketing team, the health insurance acquisition team and the Land purchase.

Land purchase              USD   200.000.000,-
DHC team                       USD        15.000.000,-
Architects                       USD        15.000.000,-
CFO fee                            USD           1.500.000,-
Prior investment         USD           8.500.000,-
Market/Insurance       USD         10.000.000,-

Total Initial Payment  USD      250.000.000,-

Rest payments in quarterly tranches of 8 times USD 62.500.000,-

= total of                           USD            500.000.000,-.


7.                   Secondary benefits

The development of a high standard hospital will have the following spin-off:

  • Improved climate for foreign companies to send employees to Indonesia
  • Employment for + 5,000 Indonesians
  • Magnet for foreign medical students
  • Reduction of medical capital flight (currently estimated at USD 10 billion per annum)
  • Opportunity for Indonesian specialists to provide top of the bill health care to their people
  • Good return on investment and finance climate

8.                   Implementation plan

After receipt of the funding DHC will start he implementation of the project, The aim is to have the Hospital fully operational by the end of 2020.